Who can all utilize Tawaab bulk SMS services?

Any Indian business, regardless of size, can use Tawaab bulk SMS services at unbeatable prices with incredible support from professional experts. Also, societies and community groups can use personalized packages, starting as low as Rs. 200 for 1000 SMS to connect instantly with customers, staff, friends, and others.

What is meant by SMS gateway?

We all know to send or receive SMS from our mobile phones, but when doing it through a computer by frequently allowing the conversion and sending in many forms is known as an SMS gateway. SMS gateways also generally use the same mobile phone networks for sending messages.

What is a messenger account?

To start a messenger account, you only need internet-connected devices like PC, tablet and do not even need a mobile phone and works easily on a pay as you use basis. By buying inbound systems from Tawaab with a minimum term of one month which is renewable, you can start SMS marketing campaigns within minutes.

How to purchase online credits from Tawaab?

It is affordable and straightforward to purchase online credits from Tawaab bulk SMS services by following the steps below

  • Log in to the Tawaab messenger in the system
  • Click the option buy-in it to go to the order page
  • Choose your preferred package with the drop-down option and fill in the details
  • Then click the order credits which will direct you to the payment page
  • Pay the amount as per your preferred mode
  • Your account will automatically add the credits for you to send bulk messages instantly, and these credits have no expiry date.

How is message length related to credits?

A standard SMS with a maximum of 160 characters in ASCII or Latin symbols uses one SMS credit. If the message is more than 160 characters, one credit will reduce to 153 characters for concatenating the message during delivery by utilizing these seven characters. You can send a maximum of 918 characters, which will take up six SMS credits with a simple calculation of 153 x 6 = 918.

Why is my message even with less than 160 characters using two credits?

If your message is using over 70 characters in the Unicode form, it will use two credits as you are merging your message to increase the characters.

What is the Unicode message?

Unicode allows the support of a broader character set, which includes almost every character in the world. From the strange European characters to Cyrillic alphabets like Arabic, Punjabi, Greet, and Asian ones like Chinese and Japanese. It also includes emoticons and any sentence in any language other than English.

How does GSM differ from Unicode?

GSM or global system for mobile communication is a 3.38 character set that allows sending up to 160 characters in a single message. But with Unicode, the character limit is only 70. As like in GSM of 153 + for long messages, Unicode is 64 + and for double is 128, for triple will be 192 and so on.

How can I convert my account to transactional with Tawaab SMS Services?

As soon as you upload the duly signed required documents, Tawaab will convert your account into transactional within 12 business hours. You can even use multiple sender IDs after receiving the email notification from Tawaab's support team. The first thing you have to do is create SMS templates, and the support team will take only two hours to check the templates for approving the content as the transactional route is template restricted. And that is it, and you can start sending messages that match your approved template. For further guidance, check our Step by Step Template Guide.

Can I send promotional bulk SMS with Tawaab SMS Services?

Just by creating a promotional sub-account, you can share the credits from the transactional account and start sending promotional bulk SMS. Even with sharing the credits, there will be a separate account maintained for promotional bulk SMS with Tawaab SMS Services. No additional cost for this account but only with another email ID, to serve as the registered user name is essential for this separate promotional account.

Can I send bulk SMS in regional languages?

Tawaab SMS services enable you to send bulk SMS in many regional languages. We have the transliteration tool that quickly drafts texts in regional languages, and our Messenger supports the most popular of them in India, including the Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and others.

How to keep track of my sent messages?

One of the flagship features of Tawaab SMS Services is to keep track of the sent messages. It provides real-time delivery reports of all the sent messages. It is easy to check the status of each sent message in the report section in the Messenger, which is divided into channels like a single message, group message, API, Email 2 SMS, and others. By clicking on the type of message you sent you can know in real-time the status of the message like

Status Description
Delivered Message delivery completed
Expired It is due to the recipient being out of coverage area, switched off, Failure of the tower, insufficient memory, absent subscriber, no route available from HLR
Undelivered Network or mobile equipment error exceeded the limit,Barring or NDNC failed
Pushed Pending at the operator's end due to out of coverage area or Inbox is full, switched off the handset, among others.

Can I import data, and is it safe with Tawaab?

With Tawaab SMS Services, your data and mobile numbers are secure by 128-bit encrypted service. Also, we offer short and long codes for using alongside the text message activity for extreme effectiveness in collecting opt-in numbers of customers. Importing mobile numbers from CSV file or excel sheet along with five fields of information is possible with just a few clicks.

Can I personalize by merging messages?

With Tawaab's custom fields for all contacts, you can easily merge and personalize messages manually or by uploading them in excel spreadsheets against each number. For personalized messages, you need only to select the insert image field for choosing the custom fields, and Tawaab will automatically send personalized messages to all contacts.

Can my customers reply to my sent messages?

Direct reply by customers to both transactional or promotional bulk SMS is not possible. But they can reach you through the embed messages in your inbox information by keyword + shortcode or long code.

How can I schedule messages for a later date?

It is not only possible to schedule your messages for later date and time but also set an end date for the expiry of your message. It could prevent you from being sent after a specified period that could save you a lot of credits. It is also possible to stagger messages to not overwhelm the customers with too many messages in a short time. The reports section in the Messenger makes all these scheduling and staggering possible.

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