Tawaab SMS Services does not require any separate license as per the Indian legal system. We only depend on the telecom operators and are part of the re-seller model industry. But we need to be registered as a business entity as a partnership firm or proprietor company or public limited company. And as such, we have to pay required taxes, file returns every year with the income tax department, maintain records, and other such formalities. Also, we abide by the rules and regulations of the Companies Act.

TRAI Rules for Bulk SMS Services

Apart from the rules and regulations of the Companies Act, we have to abide by all the rules set forth by TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It is an independent authority of the telecommunications sector in India.Also,It is the recommendation body for licensing telecom companies for its process and growth. Tawaab SMS Services since only depend on telecom companies, have to follow the rules and regulations laid down under their license conditions.

TRAI for promoting free data through innovative models wants its compliance with its regulations that came into effect from February 1, 2011. Tawaab is registered with TRAI as a telemarketer and can sign agreements with any telecom operators for serving as a platform for sending both transactional and promotional bulk SMS. We alsokeep up to date as per the time to time changes of TRAI regulation which it imposes on:

  • Transactional SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • DND Scrubbing
  • Sending name & time
  • Termination charges, penalty fees, and others

Significant areas of applying TRAI regulations

Promotional SMS can be sent to people who are not in the NDNC or the national do not call registry. More than ten crores of people have been registered in the NDNC list. Only for the remaining more than a billion people, we can send promotional bulk SMS.

But we can send transactional SMS to all people irrespective of them being registered in the NDNC list. Promotional SMS can be sent only from 9 AM to 9 PM and barred during the remaining hours of the day. It is not only for the people registered in the NDNC list but for all the population. But for transactional SMS, there is no time limit, and it is possible to send any time of the day.

Tawaab SMS Services has the facility of automatically filtering the mobile numbers that are registered with the NDNC list. It enables our customers to send only to people who are not on the NDNC list. It enhances our customer's reputation among its target audience to improve their business.

Tawaab SMS Services is also registered with TCCPR or Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Registry of TRAI and also with NCPR or National Consumer Preference Registry. It makes our customers not to worry about registering as a telemarketer. We will take all the processes and systems required to migrate as per the new regulations and take care of our customers' smooth transition of bulk SMS to their target audience.

TCCPR with NCPR has come up with more customer preferences. These preferences can receive messages from two categories that they have unblocked themselves including

Transactional category

  • Information from the bank or other financial institutions like insurance about the account of customers

  • Information from airlines and Indian Railways regarding ticket booking, reservations, and travel schedules

  • Information from educational institutions to parents regarding their wards educational details

Commercial category

All messages not in the above transactional list would be classified as commercial messages. A fine totaling seven lakhs will be charged for a total of six complaints received for sending commercial SMS to any consumer on NCPR. There is also a bar on such a company for sending SMS for the next two years for sending commercial SMS even accidentally or by mistake.

With Tawaab SMS Services customers need not worry about following all rules and regulations of Companies Act, and TRAI and their periodic updates. Tawaab SMS Services takes all precautions to not send promotional bulk SMS to those listed with the NDNC list. Also, we follow all the TRAI regulations regarding time and content quality in letter and spirit. And we reserve our right to edit content or not send such violating contents of our customers to safeguard their interests.

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