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SMS has become one of the most incredible, cheapest, and quickest marketing tools in this globalized and digitized business world. It has a 209 % response rate compared to a phone, email, or Facebook. Additionally, it has a 98 % open rate and is seen by customers within 3 minutes. These statistics and more will convince anyone to use the cheapest Bulk SMS providers to boost sales and develop the company to new horizons.

With so much potential of using SMS, any business can reach their customers anywhere in the world within seconds. As per Text local, more than 1,487.10 million people will opt for business SMS in 2020. Hence, while wanting to use SMS, it is also essential to select one among the best and cheapest Bulk SMS providers. It will only then be possible to send SMS to any number in the world as quickly as possible and at an affordable cost but without compromising the quality.

11 ways to find the cheapest Bulk SMS providers

Since businesses flourish only by sending SMS than any other means, it is crucial to find the best and cheapest Bulk SMS providers. It will help cost-saving and reach the maximum number of customers at lightning speed and in the best way possible. The following are the ways to find the cheapest Bulk SMS providers.

  • Choose the SMS provider with the 100 % success rate and send SMS at the fastest time possible.
  • Select the cheapest SMS service that sends all types of promotional SMS like offers and discounts to non-DND and opts in numbers to develop the business exponentially
  • Find the cheapest Bulk SMS providers with the ability to send promotional SMS even to DND customers to let them know of the new offers, discounts, and promotions to increase sales to new levels.
  • Choose the Bulk SMS provider with the ability to send transactional SMS like OTPs and alerts within two to five seconds to make the customers aware of their critical financial and business transactions with robust 2- factor authentication for utmost safety.
  • The SMS service should have the provision to send transactional SMS 24 hours a day for all 365 days, even from their six-digit sender IDs to their customers.
  • The cheapest SMS providers should have product offers that are powerful, comprehensive, and also user-friendly SMS platforms.
  • The cheapest Bulk SMS providers should provide highly targeted and customized SMS campaigns for their clients at low costs.
  • Choose the SMS provider who can provide replies in email and also offer instant tracking and reporting facilities.
  • To be more cost-effective, find the SMS service provider who charges only for sent SMS and not for undelivered promotional SMS
  • Check if the cheapest Bulk SMS providers can offer Unicode support, dynamic sender IDs, premium plugins, and bulk contact upload.
  • The Bulk SMS provider should provide advanced technologies to set standards for others to follow in order to provide the best messaging quality anywhere in the world with the precise same ID and with international symbols and emojis.

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